Views of the Child Intervention

Views of the Child Intervention

A child’s thoughts, feelings and experiences possess great insights and assist parents in making decisions for their child. Our psychologists can share your child’s perspective so they do not feel caught in the middle of their parents.

A Views of the Child (VOC) Intervention is Court Ordered. A Parenting Expert is retained to canvass the specific needs and views of the child. Most often, this is helpful when there is parental conflict surrounding their perceptions of the child’s wishes. Each parent and each child are clinically interviewed separately with the focus being on the child’s outlook of their experiences, and perceived needs/concerns related to their parents. In some cases, a VOC Intervention may include evaluating the child for emotional, behavioural, academic/intellectual or other needs which would indicate that a child is in need of therapy or special programming and supports.

If you believe your child has opinions that would facilitate resolution of a parental disagreement, a VOC Intervention is beneficial. The psychologists at Taylor Clark Psychological Services can present your child’s voice to those committed to making life after separation and divorce more positive.

How we can help:

  • Present the specific needs and wishes of the child
  • Suggest specific therapy, programming or supports when applicable
  • Remove the child from being in the middle of adult issues
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