Reunification Therapy

Reunification Therapy

Children benefit from meaningful relationships with well-adjusted parents. If a parent-child relationship has become strained or estranged, our psychologists can assist to reconcile painful experiences and promote healing.

The rupture of a parent-child relationship can take on many forms and have dynamics that may not be easy to comprehend. If a child resists contact with a parent and the issue cannot be addressed successfully between the parents and child, Reunification Therapy can be beneficial. This is a family systems process that assists to heal the wounds of a relationship and/or implement strategies to remedy the issues within a parent-child dynamic.

The qualified psychologists at Taylor Clark Psychological Services have the expertise to facilitate reconciliation of even the most complex issues between you and your child.

How we can help:

  • Support to overcome painful experiences
  • Remedy concerns within the parent-child relationship
  • Gain healthy communication skills
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