Personal Injury Assessment

Personal Injury Assessment

Make your invisible injuries visible. Our psychologists can assess the impact of your injury in an objective manner that will assist your legal counsel in presenting the reality of your circumstances for treatment and compensation purposes.

An Assessment of the Psychological Impact of Personal Injury focuses on determining the type and extent of suffering you experience as a result of an accident/incident and its consequent injuries, physical or otherwise. This may be due to events such as sexual abuse, medical malpractice, or a motor vehicle accident. The assessment includes evaluating your ability to function as you did prior to your accident with respect to, daily activities, work and relationships. Also evaluated are common consequences of these injuries such as: PTSD, depression, anxiety, aversive avoidant behaviour and sleep disturbances, as well as loss of independence.

Just as your lawyer may recommend that you seek medical attention for your physical injuries, seeking assessment of your psychological injuries may be recommended as well. Having a causal link established between your accident/incident and the consequent psychological suffering can assist you in achieving maximum recovery, both through recommended resources such as therapy, as well as through financial compensation.

The psychologists at Taylor Clark psychological services can provide the objective information required to substantiate the authenticity of your post accident experience.

How we can help:

  • Accurate assessment of psychological impact and injury
  • Provide recommendations for useful resources and treatment
  • Provide objective information for legal counsel for compensation purposes
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