Mediation is a form of conflict resolution that allows both sides to feel heard and assists in finding mutual agreements. Let our qualified mediators at Taylor Clark Psychological Services support you to find your resolution.

Both parties must agree to attend Mediation. At Taylor Clark Psychological Services, we specialize in the areas of divorce and separation in general and parenting issues in particular. The goal of mediation is to settle disputes and/or help create a parenting plan that both parents agree meets the needs of their child. Mediation is a, ‘without prejudice’ process, such that any discussions held in Mediation cannot be used in other legal proceedings. When a resolution is reached, the mediator writes a Memorandum of Agreement.

Let one of our highly trained mediators help you resolve your differences.

How we can help:

  • Facilitate mutual agreements between the parties
  • Maintain empowerment by making decisions together
  • Support to create a mutually agreed upon parenting plan
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