Substance Use & Addictions Treatment

Substance Use & Addictions Treatment

The best way out is always through. Let our psychologists help guide your way.

Our Substance Use and Addictions Treatment utilizes an individualized, evidence-based and collaborative approach to assist you in overcoming the obstacles that prevent you from living well.

Our skilled psychologists will help you attain your goals, by mobilizing your strengths and enhancing your motivation for change. We will help you develop practical skills and strategies so that you can confidently manage triggers and cravings, change unhelpful thoughts and cope effectively with life’s challenges.

This treatment will also help you identify and address any underlying concerns (e.g., anxiety, depression, anger), with an emphasis on relapse prevention to support your long-term success.

Allow the psychologists at Taylor Clark Psychological Services to assist you in overcoming your substance use or addiction.

How we can help:

  • Overcome drug and alcohol use and addiction
  • Identify and manage triggers and cravings
  • Develop new and effective skills and coping strategies
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